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Texture set #1

My first texture set. I'm soo excited =)

Please tell me what you think, I need your opinions.

download it here (rar)

or here (zip)


+ Leave comment :)
+ If you are taking any icons, credit back to me [info]pin_point  or  [info]geneticist_88  =)
+Do not alter the icons or claim them as yours... 

Thank you so much and enjoy!

Tags: !textures
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downloading, thanks!
enjoy! =)
taking, tysm ~
enjoy, thank you! XD
I loved them
thanks ;D
Oh thank you! I'm so glad you loved :D
I'm downloading them, thank ^_^
enjoy! XD
taking! thank you
no problem XD enjoy!
donwload! thank you!
enjoy please! ^_____^
downloading, thank you)
you're welcome =) enjoy!

Deleted comment

you're welcome =) enjoy!
Downloading thanks!
enjoy! =)
taking thankss
you're welcome =) enjoy!
Very nice. Thanks.
thank you so much :D enjoy!
nice set :) downloading and adding you to resources, thanks for sharing!
thank you so much! I'm soo glad you liked =)
DLed, thank you!
you're welcome =) enjoy!
Taking, thank you.
enjoy! XD
would you happen to have the .zip for this?
You can download the zip version here -
enjoy! XD


7 years ago


7 years ago

Deleted comment

thank you! I'm sooo glad you liked them ^_____^
I love them! :D Will be taking, thank you! ^^ ♥
thank you so much! enjoy! :D
taking, thanks!
you're welcome =) enjoy!
These looks great ^^
Thanks so much =D
I'll use them

Will credit
Oh thank you! I'm so glad you liked them ^_____^

Deleted comment

you're welcome =) enjoy!
Really amazing...snagged!!
thank you soo much! enjoy! :D
thank you!
enjoy! ;)
wow, downloaded, immediately.
thank you! :D enjoy!
taking, and thanks (:
you're welcome =) enjoy!
looks great, thank you. :)
thank you! enjoy! ;)
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