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Texture set #4

Heh, I’m happy I’m back after four damn months! I seriously hate my third year at university, I don’t know if I ever work this hard before. Between my midterms, homeworks and lab projects I only have time for reading Harry Potter and SPN fics. Anyways, I finally managed to do a new batch for you guys. So... Enjoy! =)

Hope you like it!

hide and seek...Collapse )
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Lovely work! May I please have the password?
aww so lovely..i want t pw please and thanks!
Could i get the pw please?
Thank you!
looks great! ^.^
could I get the pass please? :D
Can I get the password?
Really great.
Can I get the password?
Hi I just found your textures through textures_r_us. They're absolutely beautiful. I downloaded the zip. I promise to credit when I use. Thanks a bunch.

I'd like the password please, thank you! =)
These look awesome! Password please. :)

Thank you

looks amazing! :) Could I get the password, please?
omg these are made of all kinds of win!

could i please have the password?
i'll give you a cookie :D
can i get the password,plz (:
Can I have the password? ^^
Thank you very much :D
Okay, maybe I'm a little late, but can I have the password please?
Hi, could I have the password please? :)
these look really pretty! I'm so excited to have found ur site! Can I have the password plz?
love the set! can I have the password please?
May i have the pass please^^?
pass?? ;]
wow thanks for the textures :D x
these are pretty. can i have the pw please? :)
HI! I would like your password please!! I'll like the rar! :)
Thank you
password please?
thanks !

Deleted comment

These look really nice, especially the wings one haha
Could I get the password? :D
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