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Texture set #4

Heh, I’m happy I’m back after four damn months! I seriously hate my third year at university, I don’t know if I ever work this hard before. Between my midterms, homeworks and lab projects I only have time for reading Harry Potter and SPN fics. Anyways, I finally managed to do a new batch for you guys. So... Enjoy! =)

Hope you like it!

hide and seek...Collapse )
Tags: !textures
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Taking, thank you! ♥
Very nice! :)
Can I get the password, please? :D. Thank you!, in advance :p
aww, beautiful texture love :]
Can I get the password, please?
Can i have the password please
those look awesome! may i get a pass pls?


March 31 2010, 16:18:43 UTC 8 years ago

They're beautiful!
May I have the pwd, please?
These look great! May I have the pass please?
Wooow!!Gorgeous!!!I want the passworld,please!!!
they are beautiful!
May I have the pw, please?
Hey, i like your textures... Can you please send me the password for this set and for the previous one? Thanks :)
beautiful work. may i have the password?? =) thanks
your textures look great ! may I have the pw please ? thanx
Hi there, I commented hoping to get the password to your textures and I have not received it yet. I've checked my e-mail and lj inbox and I don't see a message from you. Could you please send it again. Thanks.
sent the pass with pm.

enjoy! ;)
love your textures!!!
can i have the pw?
Just amazing.
May I have the password?
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